Welcome to the Pitcaple Environmental Project

Note: COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are easing and from Wednesday 9th of March the Buzzard Cafe will be open once again to the General Public. Reservations only. Call 07780 460909 to book a table

The Pitcaple Environmental Project (PEP) is a charitable organisation formed to promote and improve the facilites at Pitscurry with a particular eye towards their environmental impact. We are developing the site through the use of sustainable energy technologies, and seek to create living landscapes that enhance the benefit to our service users and the wider Garioch community.

The Pitscurry site, where we are based, is a council-owned facility used to provide training and support for adults with learning or physical disabilities. PEP is proud to be in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council as part of its community involvement and integration initiative.

PEP News

  • From Pitcaple to Kilimanjaro -

    In February, Keith Adam from Polaris Learning completed a trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. An awesome thing to do in itself, but even more awesome is that it was all to help the Pitcaple Environmental Project. Keith has … Continue reading