More From The Open Gardens Week At Pitscurry

For the Open Garden Week at Pitscurry the Harlaw Centre’s drama group, The Harlaw Players, put on a show called “The Enchanted Garden”. This was a joint project by Artsability and the Harlaw Centre.

In the video are Harlaw Players members Joyce Fraser, Martin Wylie and Robert Moundford, with Ruth Kent (choreographer) from Artsability with assistants Paul and Elaine.

The music in the clip is “Bennachie Sunrise” by Alasdair Fraser and Paul Machlis.

The show, devised by Fiona Paing, was loosely based on the story of the Maidenstone – the maiden had a brother who was turned into a scarecrow when his more famous sister was turned to stone! He was freed from his 500 year shift in the Pitscurry garden by our resident magicians… In this clip the cast are doing a celebratory dance by the pond.

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