Getting in touch is easy…

    • The Harlaw Centre

      To find out more about the Pitcaple Environmental Project please contact either Pitscurry / Pitcaple or The Harlaw Centre:

      • (tel) 01467 681773 Pitscurry / Pitcaple
      • (tel) 01467 621885 Harlaw Centre


  • Project Funding

    If you would like to contact someone in connection with funding or making a donation please email:

    Kay Diack


  • Committee Chair

    The Chairperson would be delighted to provide any information on the project. Please contact:

    Colin Stirling


  • Company Secretary

    The company secretary is able to provide information on the charitible status, constitution or other membership matters. Please contact:

    Bob Yuill


    Bob Yuill
    AB54 4XY

    01466 700203