How to volunteer or contribute to the project

Support and funding from individuals and business can help realise the tremendous potential of everthing that can be acheived at Pitcaple.

Individuals can volunteer their time to help out; even the smallest contribution will be most welcome. The Project will greatly appreciate support from people who have skills in construction, gardening, crafts and renewable resources.

Busineses can directly sponsor aspects of the Project including education links, demonstration gardens, energy conservation, working demonstrations etc.

The Project also provides opportunities for team building excercises, such as construction, design, maintenance etc.

Future Plans for the Project

  • Development of Biofuel & Geothermal heating.
  • Provide a new bothy & workshop.
  • A proposed visitor centre with restaurant, shop and interpretative exhibits.
  • Outlet for Garden Furniture and other timber products.
  • A setting for rural craft workshops.

Please go to the contacts page to get in touch with the project.