PEP 200 Club Prizes

Prizes!Did you win? Check the list below to find out and if we haven’t been in touch then please let us know using the contact form.

Year Month 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
2017 September Christine Sime Helen Slimmond Allan Diack
2017 August Neil Taylor D. McDonald D. McDonald
2017 July G Croll Andrew Brothers Anne Bissett
2017 June Fraser Zoe Urquhart Peter Smith
2017 May A Brothers Allan Diack Anne Bissett
2017 April Anney Martin Tim Urquhart Helen Slimmond
2017 March Colin Stirling David Smith Donald MacDonald
2017 February Alexander Smith Anne McLaren Norman Masson
2017 January Neil Taylor Allan Diack David Smith
2016 December Rosanna Martin Robt Martin G Gauld
2016 November D McDonald A Bissett A Brothers
2016 October I Fraser N. Masson A McClaren
2016 September Tim Uquhart G Gauld Allan Diack
2016 August H Slimmond P Smith Anne Bissett
2016 July Z Urquhart A. Brothers G Croll
2016 June Christine Sime Alan Dawson D MacDonald
2016 May Susan Grant G Croll R Martin
2016 April Anney Martin G Gauld P. Smith
2016 March N Masson Zoe Urquhart Rosanna Martin
2016 February I Fraser P Smith D Smith
2016 January D MacDonald Robt Martin A Dawson
2015 December R Martin A McLaren A Martin
2015 November Alan Dawson Z Urquhart T Urquhart
2015 October Colin Stirling A. Black Smith G Croll
2015 September Robert Martin Neil Taylor Anne Bissett
2015 August Dorothy Lyne G & HE Gauld Robert Martin
2015 July H. Slimmond G Croll Rosanna Martin
2015 June Tim Urquart H Slimmond D MacDonald
2015 May A Brothers E MacDonald David C Smith
2015 April Rosanna Martin Christine Sime Anne Bissett
2015 March Norman Masson Alan Dawson Iain Fraser
2015 February Gordon Croll Susan Grant Colin Stirling
2015 January D. Lyne A Brothers H Slimmind
2014 December James Gauld Marion Penman Zoe Urquhart
2014 November Alan Dawson Joanne Wink James Gauld
2014 October Peter Smith John Wink Donald MacDonald
2014 September N Masson Ann Bissett John Thomson
2014 August Neil Taylor Joanna Wink Susan Grant
2014 July Anne McLaren N Masson Dorothy Lynne
2014 June Alexander Black Smith Marion Penman Christine Sime
2014 May Edith MacDonald David Smith Joanna Wink
2014 April Susan Grant Donald A MacDonald Donald A MacDonald
2014 March D. Smith D. MacDonald P. Smith
2014 February C. Sime S. Grant A. Dawson
2014 January D. Smith P. Sturrock S. Grant
2013 December Ann Bissett Zoe Urquahart G. Croll
2013 November Alexander Black Smith Mrs Dorothy Lynne G E Gauld
2013 October Rosanna Martin Gordon Croll Mrs. Edith MacDonald
2013 September Christine Sime Mrs L Laird Zoe Urquahart
2013 August Edith MacDonald Anney Martin G & HE Gauld
2013 July Anney Martin James Gauld I. Fraser
2013 June DJ Gibbons Anne Bissett Ruth Clarke
2013 May Christine Sime Neil Taylor Robert Martin
2013 April Mrs. L Laird N. Masson Peter Smith